Classic Laura

Classic wool fabric

Just want to congratulate me on the black wool skirt.  I remember buying the fabric–a great scoop from the sewing store just down the street from my house.  They had some really good quality stuff that was priced to sell.  Mind you, the wool smelled a bit like smoke.  But the texture, the subtle earthy brown in the weave.  It was destined to be a great skirt.

I’ve washed the fabric a few times over the fifteen years since I bought it.  I  found a pattern about seven years ago and purchased quality black lining fabric.  Maybe it was five years ago when I finally cut the fabric, and then I sewed it up.  It needed a little adjustment, so I pinned it.  Then I put it away.

Last November I fitted the skirt, having realized that I’ve stayed the same weight for at least ten years and cannot realistically, or even magically, believe I will lose those twenty pounds.  I’ve lined it and hemmed it.  The zipper is in.  It’s ready to go.  The best news is that winter, technically, hasn’t ended.  Still, it seems more like a fall or deep winter skirt.

I am sincerely impressed at my persistence, and with the foresight I had in buying this particular black wool.

It’s classic.




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