The Bones Illustrated 14

Thomas Waits Where Highway 3 Has Fallen off the Map by Laura Wythe

The clouds over the shore were rent apart like a cloth, and the west-tracking sun burned through. A goddamned rainbow sprung from the gully to the south of him. It arced out over the lake as though painted with a sponge. The colours were brilliant. He shivered, wondering if it was a cruel harbinger of destruction, like the rainbows two weeks ago. But what if it was portent of incredible good fortune? Thomas patted his pockets and found a camera. Leticia’s. He could delete the photo later if things didn’t work out. Quickly, he snapped the photo as dark clouds from the west closed in on the rainbow. He almost teared up. The sunlight still shone through the cracks with the strength of a god’s finger. Brilliant, angelic light.

The Bones: Crossing, Chapter 12 by Laura Wythe (available on Amazon)


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