The Bones Illustrated 15

A Great Void by Laura Wythe

She carried a tray with tea to the front porch, tapping on the door of the good parlour to let TinTin know it was ready. To call him out from the wired madness and to have another human being sit with her before the great void. Clem stared out at what she knew was a landscape only because a horizon line hovered in the distance. It had not been visible in earlier in the day, blotted by a mist rolling off the river, and just recently withdrawn. The horizon line, she noticed, might be fat or thin, far or close, depending on how dense the air was, how the sunlight struck through this veil between heaven and earth. Without the horizon, there was no landscape, only a void to be filled by the imagination. There was nothing to draw upon but sadness or fear. Her fingers gripped the tray for a moment longer, then she set it on the table.

The Bones: Fulfullment, Chapter 5 by Laura Wythe (available on Amazon)


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