The Bones Illustrated 16

Dominion of Catherine by Laura Wythe

Everything had worked out, but she still had nothing. Even Thomas, her heart and soul, was determined to deny her. Worse, he had seen how small she really was. He wasn’t from here, he wasn’t one to be attached to such a mundane place. She’d always had this place and the stories. It was the foundation of her life, and her life might fade, she believed the place would remain tangible and whole. She’d dedicated her life to elevating the settlers of Chatham County, who wrapped the land around them like a quilt, the best bits bound together—farms and fences, families and friendships—each patch filled with the hues and textures of homes and fields and businesses. Yes, some pieces were covered with new bits of cloth—oil and energy, chemical industries. Some lines had changed, but she appreciated the layers and handled them skilfully with her curatorial gloves.

The Bones: Fulfillment, Chapter 14 by Laura Wythe (available on Amazon)


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