Escaping the Studio: a marriage proposal pops up

I like to escape the studio, even though there’s a comfortable chair and a huge  table.  It’s good to get out.  I take my writing or sketchbook and “work” in public spaces.  A good way to get some things done.

Covent Garden Market, London Ontario

On Friday afternoon I was having tea by the huge beautiful windows upstairs at the Covent Garden Market.  A group of teenage girls began to gather and  practice dance moves in the space beside me.  I had my Mp3 player and ignored them.  More and more girls came, but I shrugged, thinking they were practicing for the Fringe Festival which had started the day before.

A friend spotted me and we moved away from the growing commotion so that we could talk. It soon became clear that something was up.  At some point, the practicing stopped and the girls scattered among the tables.  Ah, a flash mob. Sure enough, the music started up and a couple of girls got up to dance, with more girls gradually joining in.  But they kinda swarmed a woman who was not part of the dancing group.  And there to save her was a man.  That man handed her a gorgeous bouquet of red roses.

Out came the tissues.  It was a marriage proposal.  She must have said yes.  Confetti cannons went off.  Then more tissue therapy, for her this time.  Her guy just hugged her, seriously smiling.

This kind of thing never happens in my studio.



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4 thoughts on “Escaping the Studio: a marriage proposal pops up

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    I’ve always wanted to see a flash mob in person, lucky you 🙂

  2. Yes, I couldn’t believe it!! it was so sweet.

  3. Charlotte says:

    That is so cool Laura. Nice to be in a studio that’s happening. Charlotte

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