Finding Round in a City of Squares

Toronto is square, at least that’s how I experience it.  It’s built on a grid and that makes it one of the easiest places to get around.  The buildings are variations on the square–stacked, squished, glass, metal, stone, brick.  I’m trying to think if there’s anything with a dome downtown.   There is the circle at Queen’s Park.

The Vessel, Ilan Sandler
Taddle Creek Park, Bedford Rd, Toronto

The area around the University of Toronto has been filled in, old houses torn down so that the real estate can move up. As I walked north of Bloor, I found a sweet surprise, not just a green space but a round structure.

In it is an unmistakably round and feminine piece of public art.  A bit of relief.  Water falls gently from the rim around the top.   The proportions are so believable that it could be a pitcher on a table.  A giant pitcher left behind for a giant?  A giant pitcher to hold the rounder side of a whole city?

It’s just cool.



PS–for more information about this park, Taddle Creek Magazine has a great article.

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