My Singer Sewing Machine

Sewing the collar on the green sweater

It feels like cheating because I’ve chosen to drop the knitting needles and romance the sewing machine.

Historically, the Singer and I have gotten along quite well.  She’s the more dependable on in our relationship.  I get antsy and crazy with lust over fabric but find hard it to settle into her warm glow, to appreciate the machine oil smell of her cast iron body.

But when I’m focused, when there’s a mission to accomplish, we get it done.
We made a sweater over the last couple of weekends–just like that.

It’s a re-purposed garment.  I had made a cotton fleece sweater that was loose-fitting and only seamed at the armholes and down the sleeves.  There was lots of fabric to work with.  I enjoyed picking it apart.  It’s like a meditation.

Fitting the green sweater on the Judy.

Next, I dyed the natural-coloured fleece green.  It’s turned out to be the best green colour ever!  Then the I pinned the body of the old sweater onto the Judy and fitted it.  I used the skirt of an out-of -style cotton dress for the bias trim.

One weekend, I adjusted and sewed the main seams, and even got the sleeves in.  This past weekend, I did the finishing:  collar, zipper and hem.  And it’s done!  A bit odd and funky, but it’ll do the job.

This green sweater is a stepping stone to the knit one.  It’ll keep me covered until I have time and courage to connect with the knitters’ group that meets at the library.



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2 thoughts on “My Singer Sewing Machine

  1. Charlotte says:

    You girls (Laura, Judy & Ms Singer) are a very productive threesome! Good on ya…C

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