Some treasures for the $5 sale

Seed with a caduceus stem, poster paint

There are treasures, like this one from when my young daughter and I would paint.  I had to be fast and I had to be bold.  It’s not gallery art, but it captures the potential.  We painted out on the back porch when the weather was good.  This one was created in the winter on the floor of our sparse living room.

The sea rose, Conte

And then my personal response to the tsunami in 2004.  Very powerful earth energy.  I expected something wild to flow onto the page, not this geometric, rather balanced piece.  I still wonder at the sense of unfolding, of a plan.

Like many, I use the backs of pages to take phone messages, make lists for shopping, whatever.  With lists and messages, comes doodles.  The Sudoku calendar offered a year’s worth of pages and the perfect size to let my inner doodle live.  Don’t you love gel pens?

Noise on the back of a Sudoku page

The mess of logic.

Sunshine morning doodle


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