$5 sale

The studio has been quiet.   It’s still not quite right.

Handmade, half-filled sketch book with drawings and notes.

Now I’m looking at what attachment means.

Recently, someone said that it’s one thing to draw and fill pages in a sketchbook, but it’s another to make a business of selling art.  He’s right.  Although I’ve studied art and practiced techniques all my life, I’ve never seen my art as a business.  It’s come from a purely creative need.

And ultimately, it’s meant for sharing.  I get such a giggle looking back through sketchbooks and in my portfolio.  What was I thinking?  It makes me as happy as when I made it.  Like a drug, I want to do more.   I believe that’s why the arts thrive in economic downturns.  We use creativity energy to heal, to regroup, to celebrate.  It’s a way to share loves and vulnerable wishes and passions.

That’s where the $5 sale comes in.  I’m pulling out all my sketchbooks, the drawings on paper, watercolour paintings and prints I’ve managed to hold onto through the years.  I’m cataloging them all, then I’m letting them go.

For $5, you could make up a little portfolio of work that speaks to you.  You can have a collection of art to kick start your own creativity.  You can have a book to look through, then pick up a pencil or paint brush and start a conversation.  Or you may just want an interesting  piece for the coffee table.  All I’ll ask is that you sign off on reproduction rights and the work is yours to adore and use as you want.

Not the greatest business plan, but what a great way to exchange creative energy.



Pencil drawing of the kitchen on Langarth Street.

From the series I drew for Stratford Art in Park. Pencil and reflective Mylar film on paper.

Goofing around with watercolour on paper.


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