The Bones Illustrated 11

Death of Simple Pi by Laura Wythe

“The GPS says the phone is here. That Pi should be here.”

“This is weird, even for Pi.” Clem looked at the GPS location, then around the area. She dialed Pi’s phone to hear the ring. It came from above, from the branches of the great tree. TinTin boosted her up to get it. It was still ringing, and he reached out for it, hung up on his call. 

“We don’t want to know how it got there, do we?”

“In the name of science we do, so let’s see what he’s done.” TinTin scrolled through the functions, found the most recent date stamps. “He was recording, so he wouldn’t have paid attention to our texts.”

They looked at each other. “Better play it.”

Crackles, pops. It’s ozone man, coming from the ground. It stinks like a bad connection on an electric streetcar. Violent pops. The unmistakable sizzle of electricity. One, two, three explosions, like artillery. Four, five, six. Seven. A hit, no warning whistle to proceed it.

TinTin felt ill.

The Bones: Crossing, Chapter 7 by Laura Wythe (available on Amazon)


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