The Bones Illustrated 7

The Bones illustrated from Text to Textile show (2018) Sprinkler System by Laura Wythe

“So, where did the water go?” she asked.

“It rose fifty feet and was wicked above the tower lines to Sandusky.”

“Then it followed the Mississippi.”

“It ran along that corridor like a series of beads. Bring up the video feed and show her.”

Pi did, and in the corner of her screen he used the cursor to show her the sequence. “Then it reached Oklahoma and we shunted it west.”

“We’re still waiting for it to drop.”

“Still aiming for Uncle Walter’s pool in Phoenix?” Clem asked.

“Ha! He’ll wonder where that came from.”

“Actually, Pi, he’ll never know.” TinTin said this with relief. “He’s visiting my folks in Jericho. He heard they’re getting rains and he likes the idea of a green desert. We’ve tapped into his home security cameras. This small quantity of water should evaporate in less than two hours. Such is the arid state of Arizona.”

The Bones: Wooing, Chapter 18 by Laura Wythe (available on Amazon)

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