One last Christmas “hurrah!”

It’s become obvious to me over the last few months that I don’t procrastinate.  I over-commit and then have to prioritize.  There are so many interesting things going on in my workshop and no elves to work in the night. I think that’s illegal, anyway.

Christmas tree skirt, in progress

Christmas tree skirt, in progress

One project was only half-finished, although presentable, by the time December 25th rolled around.  Deadlines are good.  And because it was a skirt for the bottom of a Christmas and the giftee lives miles away, I brought it home to fancy it up with a new deadline–next Christmas.  Months to finish it, months to procrastinate.

But I couldn’t do it.  Procrastinate, that is.  I couldn’t pack up the shiny organza and stick in the back of the closet.  A vision of flounce and shine was in my head, and so the yards of organza have been gathered and stitched, the trim applied twice around, the ties added and threads trimmed.

Some things you do for the joy.

Christmas tree skirt in January

Christmas tree skirt in January


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