Summer break

Yes, it’s time to get out the wading pool, the camping gear, the cooler, sketch books, the camera, the novels I always wanted to read, the portable bits of thread and cloth–and escape the studio.  Summer is the perfect excuse for a procrastinator like me to put aside all plans and just follow the sun.

Friendship Bracelets; one for you, one for you …

It also means, for a while, leaving behind posting regularly through this lovely connection.  I will return, I promise you.

During the summer, I will gather more inspiration than I need.   And I look forward to hearing about your inspirations as well as sharing mine again–when it’s time to remember where I put my shoes, when the cat sleeps in again, when the droning, dripping air conditioners are silent, when school supplies go on sale and all the best pencil cases have been snatched up and Hallowe’en candy has crept out of aisle nine into the first marque display, when the basil is fragrant and tomatoes and garlic are plentiful, when the sauce is made and the body sated, sunned, exercised and renewed.




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