Recording my world

Grumbacher sketchbook cover

Give me  liberty, and give me my sketch pad.  It’s surprising how time flies, and how really interesting my mundane world is.  No fancy trips abroad, just everyday stuff.

Rock cut on North of Superior route, plan for print

I drew all the way home from Thunder Bay, with my friend, Cathy, driving.  I can’t imagine how fast my pencil had to fly to catch the views along the North of Superior route.  It’s breathtaking–the rock and lake.

detail of Algonquin Park sketch

I camped and sketched  in Algonquin Park until at night I dreamed only of the trees, of being on the trails with the undergrowth rushing past.

I sketch where I’ve lived–Stratford where Robin was born, Thunder Bay and Guelph where I went to university, and London.

The Green, Wortley Village

Guelph, along the river

View from room in Thunder Bay

Stratford Park


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